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We are happy that you started or continued your Bubble learning journey with Nocode Bible! In this document, you will find information and useful notes about Nocode Bible - Actions template.

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About Nocode Bible

Nocode Bible is a product offered by RapidDev. as a template to make Bubble easy to learn. Nocode Bible is divided into three templates.

Nocode Bible - Pro Do you need a follow / unfollow widget or a like widget? Special actions, widgets, different approaches and much more at your fingertips. 👉 Get Nocode Bible - Pro 📄 Documentation

Nocode Bible - Actions (FREE) See how all built-in actions are used, learn their intended use, test and learn.

👉 Get Nocode Bible - Actions 📄 Documentation

Nocode Bible - Operators (FREE) Do you know what all the operators are used for? Learn what operators are used for and how they are used.

👉 Get Nocode Bible - Operators 📄 Documentation

Getting Started

Get the template

Click here to getting the "Nocode Bible - Actions" template through Bubble's template marketplace for free.

Create a new app

Create a new app with Nocode Bible - Actions

Access to backend workflows

Activate "Backend Workflows" when you get the template.

Access to Backend Workflows

Pay Attention

<aside> ⚠️ In terms of learning, sensitive customer data such as email has been kept separate from privacy rules in this template. We have created fake users, be careful about the security of your users in applications where you have real users!


<aside> ⚠️ You must have your own "Google Geocode API" and "Google Map API" key before you can test and examine the Geographic Operators page. Click here for more information.


<aside> ⚠️ The "FREE" app plan has a data entry limit of 200. This template contains more than 200 data. This does not prevent you from navigating the template. However, you will be prompted to upgrade your app. You can ignore this.


Reusable Elements for Action Blocks

<aside> 📌 We used all action blocks in Reusable Element. So, you can easily examine & copy and use it in your application.


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