About this Template

<aside> 🔗 Link to the template page: https://bubble.io/template/headers--footers-block-1555220777079x564550755510386700



Headers & Footers Block helps to build your app much quicker!

Add ready-made stylish headers and footers to your pages, and bring your application a finished look - all of this without coding and waste of your time.

The header reusable element sits at the top of each page and serves a few very important purposes.

Generally, it does provide a place for the company's logo, navigation, and page title which are part of a consistent user experience that all good websites share.

The footer reusable element is located at the bottom of a page.

It provides an example of how it can include external links, such as the company's social media, navigation, and copyright notices.

A great website footer design keeps people engaged and moving through the website. The workflows included with this element are pretty straightforward to follow.

As this block has a responsive design - it will look and work nicely both on the desktop and mobiles.


Video Overview



<aside> 🔗 🤩 Live demo! Give it a try here: https://coolheaders.bubbleapps.io/


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